Hike Messenger, India’s only home-grown messaging platform, it has launched in the market with brand new features. Hike themes with the combinations of colour and pattern, from Zen to Sensation are most attractive feature of it. Hike can automatically turn on Night theme every night at 8 pm so that you’re ready for those late night chats with your friends.



Hike Blue


Hot Pink



Deep Blue




A nifty addition to Hike 5.0 is the all new ‘Magic Selfie’ feature. Magic Selfie features works with Hike Camera and uses Machine Learning techniques to smoothed your skin tone and making it glow from any angle. You have to tap on the image sign shown in the darken square to take a magic selfie.

The biggest update of Hike 5.0 is Hike Wallet, the easiest and most fun way to send and receive money from wallet to wallet and account to account. You can recharge your mobile plans by using hike wallet, by linking your mobile number registered in your bank account. In this your unified payment interface is linked with your account. Blue packets can also be sent by the use of wallet.

Free and instant money transfer: a. Bank-to-bank via UPI: With Unified Payments Interface (UPI) support enabled in Hike 5.0, users can now do free and instant bank-to-bank transfers with their friends. What’s exciting is that this works even if your friends aren’t on Hike, then also you can receive money from your friend wallet.

Recharge: With Hike 5.0, users can now recharge their phones and pay their post-paid bill and prepaid recharge right from inside Hike. This removes the need to have one more app just for paying mobile bills, thereby saving space on their phone and removing the need for them to add yet another app.

Blue Packets: A Blue Packet is simply a beautifully designed envelope that users can insert money into and send to their friends. Users can choose from over 10 different beautifully crafted envelopes and also add a personalized message to it to celebrate those special occasions. A Blue Packet can be sent to an individual or even a group of friends. If you give Blue Packets to a group of your friends, you can have a little fun and select how many people in the group should get it. It works on a first come first serve basis and a Blue Packet when sent expires in 24 hours.

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